A U.S.-Arab Global Event

Since 2012, C3 Summit, in collaboration with the US State Department, US Chamber of Commerce and the US Department of Commerce, has been producing US-Arab Summits focusing on healthcare, commerce and economic development between the Arab region and North America.

Given the continuing growth and importance of the business sector to both regions, C3 has developed the US-Arab Business Summits for the sharing of best practices in an effort to advance "commercial diplomacy" between the two regions. During the course of this one-day event on Monday, October 6, 2014, in New York, New York, attendees will hear the latest issues and solutions impacting global commerce.

Attendees will hear about the new technologies, along with products and services, that promise to improve the knowledge transfer of education and innovation between the regions of the US and the Arab world. C3 Summit will assemble business leaders, policy makers, educators and civil society members to uncover and promote both US and Arab world initiatives that are focused on economic, cultural and social initiatives. The three tenets of the conference revolve around our vision to build, foster and strengthen relationships between the US and Arab businesses, policy makers and civil society:

Community: create a global platform for exchanging "best practices"
Collaboration: promote dialogue and grow existing relationships
Commerce: facilitate new ventures and opportunities

The time is now to either establish and/or grow your business in both the US and the Arab World – and C3 will provide the knowledge how best to navigate and reap the benefits of each region's ample economic and trade opportunities.

Reasons to Attend

  • Identify profitable investment & growth opportunities
  • Strengthen business partnerships & civil society relationships
  • Learn key regional success factors & share best practices
  • Network with potential business partners & service providers
  • Support transitional & growing economies

We would like to thank our sponsors and our affiliates